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"You can't argue with people dancing!!" We are rockin' psychedelic reggae funk that would get even the most comatose people tappin' their feet. Soulful vocals, over dynamic backbeat, exploring the cosmos with one toe in the Caribbean.

Chronic Jester brings what they call "the toy box" full of hats, instruments, hula hoops, wigs and more for their fans to rock out with during the show. "Vibe" was filmed at Pandoras on Grayton Beach right in the heart of 30a. "Vibe" shows how exciting a Chronic Jester show is. But the fun didn't stop at Pandoras. Friends and fans were invited to drummer B-Rads house for a bonfire, a sweet demo of his fire juggling skills and a fire side singalong with the band.

Chronic Jester, based in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, is a high energy power trio whose strength lies in its own infectious brand of Reggae, Rock, Funk and Blues. Chronic Jester stands apart from other bands by being a song driven package that eschews self-indulgent noodling in favor of catchy tunes and vibrant melodies tied together with its own stylistic ribbon. Hypnotic reggae, booty shakin' funk, and scorching blues are topped off by spectacular instrumental interplay and deep in-the-pocket grooves. Live shows are further highlighted through use of the "Toy Box" (a collection of tambourines, cow bells, egg shakers, wood blocks, hats and hula-hoops) that lets fans contribute to the show.

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Surely You Jest by: Chronic Jester, available HERE HERE COME THE JESTERS, ONE-TWO-THREE...
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"It's a terrific listen and shows off the hardworking, fun-loving trio's rock and reggae influences. Nine original songs, all of 'em good, and-no small thanks to co-producer and engineer Shannon Wallace, I'm sure-it sounds great, too. Longtime fans of Phil, Lucas and Brad will appreciate the extended live noodling-er, jamming-that closes the disc. You can (and should) pick up a copy of it on CD Baby. (store)."

-Chris Manson (Editor) The Beachcomber

Chronic Jester is based in Santa Rosa Beach FL, Book us if you are looking for a real time!

Phillip Vaughan Guitar/Vocals
Scott Shovea Bass Guitar
Brad Fuller Drums/Vocals
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